Is it gay to look at other boys butts and imagining having sex with them?

I realized a few years back that I like to look at other boys butts and and when they bend down thier underware. Eventually I started to get thoughts that I want to have sex with them. Later on that year I started to think about how I wanted a long Penis and have NO attraction to girls. So, does this mean I am gay??????????
Asked Oct 16, 2013
Yea ur gay nothing wrong with that though find a nice boy who is gay to date and fuck you
Answered Oct 16, 2013
you are probably gay. nothing is wrong with this.
Answered Oct 17, 2013
Ya you are probably gay but that is ok a lot of people is don't worry just have fun with your life
Answered Oct 17, 2013
Answered Oct 17, 2013
Kind of ;) yeah :D
Answered Oct 21, 2013
It's ok and your gay
Answered Nov 18, 2014
Hmm yes! But why imagine when you can at least watch it? Try the best gay porn sites
Answered Jun 15, 2018
For me. It is a yes since you are imagining that you are having a sex with them. If you don't imagine that you're making out with him then you may not be a gay. Try watching gay porn on the best and top sites on the best pay gay porn sites by
Answered Jun 19, 2018

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