Why wont blackberry receive iphone texts?

my friend has a blackberry and I have an iphone. he isnt receiving my texts or calls. when I call him, it rings all the way through to the voicemail but his phone doesnt actually ring so he doesnt know im ringing him. it's the same the other way round. yet, I get his texts but he doesnt get mine. I recently updated to IOS7 but even before the update, sometimes he didnt receive my texts for a few hours and then it was ok again. but after updating, he hasnt been able to receive my texts or calls for a few days. how can I sort this out?
Asked Oct 16, 2013
Hey there! So I'm sure you know this... but if not this could be the reason why. When you message a bunch of other people who have iphones. It's constantly imessages (manly cause its free texting between iphones). When you switch to someone who has a different phone for example your friends blackberry its already pre-set to imessaging. Next time you send a message to him make sure it sends as a text message. If your message is highlighted blue then its sending as imessages... and as you know you can't send someone who has a blackberry an imessage. Next time you need to hold your message down and options will come up. It will show "send as text message" THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! so click it... he should receive them. If not, then it could be something else and you guys need to talk to someone who is an expert with phones and ask what's going on lol. Another easy way to communicate with people who have blackberry is to just get the free app on your phone and add him to your bbm.

Hope this helps :)
Answered Sep 17, 2014

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