I'm tired of being made fun of and being alone

So I'm almost 13 but everyone makes fun of me. I am extremely shy and I only have 1 best friend at my school. Everyone else sucks. I try to say hi but they just ignore me. When I start reading they throw my stuff and don't give it back till my best friend notices! I hate it so much!! And I hear them talk behind my back saying shit like,"Wow she's such a loner!" Or "Damn she dresses like a loser." Even shit like,"Why should she come here? She has like no friends and no one invites her to anything. I won't be shocked if people start bullying her." Like seriously I've been bullied way too much! I'm just sick of this! I'd really could use some advice!
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Asked Oct 15, 2013
Edited Oct 15, 2013
Talk to teacher/parent..but if you want to handle it yourself just ignore them.People who have 10-15 friends are never real.Be happy because if you have only one friend it means he/she is your true friend.Now if they say that you are a loner say that "Servants always be in group..where King walks alone"or if they say that you dress like a loser say them "Excuse me! I am not your mirror"Give smart answers and always show your clever face to them so that they will think you have some plans against them in your mind and they will be scared.If you are good in studies and if they are not its a best way to insult them say that "First go learn something then come and say something about me at least I am not wasting my time like you and I am better in studies like you..you are not suppose to say anything if you have no knowledge"I am sure some changes will come I hope it works.Best of Luck ! :)
Answered Oct 15, 2013
Stay strong it will not be like this forever.
Answered Oct 15, 2013
If I were you, I would KNOCK SOME HEADS. If you dont want to do that or youre weak, inform an adult. And dont be shy. Believe me, if you could get ask a question to BILLIONS that want to help you, I'm pretty sure you could shout at one person about the issue.
Answered May 12, 2014

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