How much should I sell my damaged laptop?

I have an Acer Aspire 4752
Operating on Windows 7 Home Premium

The internal system is working great. And once I set it back to factory mode, all the space it first came with will be available again.

But the external part of the computer is pretty bad...
I have three keys missing (~ W 'home button'), they obviously still work.. the 'J' key is hanging off but I can't put it back securely. The "right arrow" key just completely stopped working.

The right side of the screen that attaches to the keyboard base is disconnected. The screw came out. The piece that keeps the screw hidden from the front broke off. So if you find a screw for it you can still see it's broken right there.

Being that the previous problem happened, it's really easy for that side of the screen to detach itself. So that brings me to the left side, which is now cracked, but it won't pop off unless pulled off. But being that it's cracked pretty bad, if you hold the computer wrong it'll attempt to shut down. Sometimes it'll completely shut down w|o warning or anything.

That's about it. The screen is great. All internal features still work. Never had a virus or anything.

Oh, the disk drive can completely come out if you open it and pull on it too hard (you have to pull it to be able to put the disk in... been like that since I got it). If you pull too hard, you can easily put it back in, but you'd need to restart your computer for it to recognize the disk again =/

So what do you think I should sell if for? Or should I just throw it away?
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 15, 2013
Edited Oct 15, 2013

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