Name of an artist that drew morbid art?

I am desperately searching for the name of an artist that made serveral morbid paintings.
I saw a 9gag post that stated, he got his inspirations from his dreams and he drew people suffering.
He lived somewhen between the 18th and 20th century in east Europe or west Asia (maybe Russia or Ukraine ?).
He had to deal with lots of criticism during his lifetime and I think his art got popular after his death.

I am thankfull for every useful hint or some names that could possibly fit the description.
Asked Oct 13, 2013
Morbid art stands for works that illustrate a very deathly and deathlike mood. It has many variations starting from its gore scenes to its dark and depressed atmosphere – and sometimes its daydreams, night screams, corpses and horrifying imagery.

Famous morbid artists are-

Hieronymus Bosch
Answered Nov 23, 2015

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