I am considering setting up a business and am curious to whether people would pay?

It would be a fast food Restaurant. would people be willing to pay much more if fast food on offer was healthy, and what sort of food would people want to be served? Salad boxes, low carb /high protein snacks etc..

Say for instance I set my company up in Manchester, would there be a market?

what other idea's could people think of I am a 19 year old student and feel I have more to offer than just completing my degree and going into a 9-5 job.
Asked Oct 08, 2013
well jack for me I think there is market for every thing in this world.
its really not what the customers will thing or want that matters in todays world its how you identify their needs or even create a need for that thats the issue. say for in stance you restaurant you want to start, you are ready with your capital choose a location close to a populated area say the campuses around manchester the students are always hungry and will want something to eat. packaging is very important here. the beauty of your packages can wet their appetite more than you can imagine. you create the need for them to buy by giving them incentives as well and then you make it very easy for them to access you as well through constant advertisement and trust me they will buy even sugar and water from you.......
Answered Nov 04, 2013
Everyone needs food. First of all think about quality. If you provide quality foods in competitive rates then why people wouldn't pay?
As well as you have to improve your restaurant popularity. You can create flags and banners for your business, surely that will increase your brand's exposure.
www.abovealladvertising.net – a signage provider might be useful to you for advertising purpose.
Answered Nov 08, 2013
Do you mean you want to get paid for starting a company. I dont know know but I m sure you can get help and support from incubators to start business. There is an incubator that might support please try www.startupentrepreneurs.org

You can also try www.exchangesmartly.com
Answered Dec 15, 2015

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