Can you give me a list of 5 word sentences

I'm looking for a long list of 5 word sentences
Asked Oct 06, 2013
The air conditioner stopped working.
It's very hot outside today.
Mexicans work in high temperatures.
Canadians think Americans are fat.
McDonald's will probably kill you.
Construction is a hard job.
I think aliens are real.
I want to visit mars.
Drake probably misses his ex.
Tyga is stupid for cheating.
Kanye isn't all that great.
You'll shoot your eye out.
Walmart is a greedy business.
New York is very ghetto.
No, I did not die.
Don't travel without a passport.
Dogs don't act very smart.
Cigarettes are deadly but good.
Weed heals while alcohol destroys.
Tissues aren't used for noses.
I've been to mushroom mountain.
I'll take a couple uppers.
I'll down a couple downers.
I'm running through the six.
I didn't forget my woes.
Bucket hats are honestly ugly.
Why is suicide trendy now?
Don't watch a Serbian Film.
Saw is the best series.
The Breakfast Club is classic.
Weed is gross when eaten.
Beer taste like piss water.
Kinky is a good drink.
Smirnoff is also very good.
My favorite flavor is Screwdriver.
Soboxon will make you puke.
I puked for four days.
I thought I was pregnant.
Relationships can be emotionally draining.
Wow, I have no life.
Why am I still typing?
Answered Jul 09, 2015

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