Im 9 and had *** with my 10 yr old cousin

what do I do
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Asked Oct 05, 2013
Edited Oct 05, 2013
Answered Oct 05, 2013
No im not. What do I do? If my parents find out!
impossible for a 9/10 year old boys penis to be big enough, its not like the girl can be pregnant either so yeah you are most likely lying
b3xyb33 Oct 05, 2013
doesnt matter
WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE?!?!?! U have NO proof she's lying. Some people don't think ahead(like me) and realize it was a mistake. U guys just think u know everything and look down on people younger than u. I'm ten and I know what it feels like. And as for NewLife, she'll prove u wrong, I thing she knows what the term "sex" means. Sorry to be so rude but u didn't have to be so hard on a 9yr old. The only one I'm really actually agreeing with is Lesalltheway.(don't not listen to me cuz I'm ten)
Im hoping the censored word is fun and not sex.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
If it was on purpose, then u the youngest thot ik of. But they wudnt find out. Unless yall say. But I think u lyin.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
....he may not be lying....he probably doesn't know what sex actually is
Answered Oct 06, 2013
That's messed up
Answered Oct 07, 2013
The word is sex isn't it. And I'm ten!!! What is wrong with you!!!!! What do you do? Um, forget about it!!!! I guess it's ok to kiss your cousin but no, no is my answer.:/
Answered Oct 12, 2013
sex is not right at your age at all, wait until your at least 17....and dont get pregnant PLZ, TOOOO MANY COMPLICATIONS ik lots of people who got preg at age of 14 not good idea at all
Answered Mar 04, 2014
You dont know what the term "sex" means
Answered Mar 27, 2014
WTF dude if you are for real, WHY WOULD YOU FRICKING DO THIS and if u are lying, I expected thAt
Answered Dec 27, 2017

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