I am bisexual I'm twelve I can't tell my mom help

I am a twelve year old girl, and I am bisexual. I have not told anyone at all yet, and I'm scared that someone will find out. I WANT to come out of the closet, but what will people think???! And, worst of all, I can't tell my mom. She is really going to hate me if I tell her. And, I am Christian. The bible says a relationship is between a man and a woman so I feel like I am a sinner. God won't love me anymore, I feel like a freak.
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Asked Oct 05, 2013
Edited Oct 08, 2013
I kinda have the same problem, I'm 12 and I'm not sure if I'm straight or lesbian. I always tell people I'm straight, I love God, and I don't want Him or my family/friends to feel different about me or be unpleasantly shocked if I come out. Maybe these feelings are just side notes, maybe I'm straight. Who knows, maybe I'm bisexual too. Thanks for reading all this, by the way. Good luck and best wishes!
Lumalee Apr 27, 2017
It would be Best to come out when your a few years older since people at your age tend to say what they have learned from e.g. TV and Will act Cheeky and Ignorant. However your friends would Most likely accept you If not they are not worth you're time. I don't know if it's different In American Schools if you do live in america since I live in the Uk. I Like girls myself but Don't like to label. I have learned from my experience and It is better to Come out when you're 15 or 16 since People are not likely to be judgmental. The Generation now Learns a lot more than the generation Before.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
are you really bi or are you just saying that? You are 12 you don't know what you want yet so stop labeling yourself and just be.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
I'm not saying that you're not bisexual. But I think you should wait a few years because if you tell them now, they'll think you're just trying to get attention. They won't believe you, trust me. Just wait a while, please (: even if you're positive that you're bisexual. You never know how they'd react.
Answered Oct 08, 2013
If you hate it, desperately change yourself and very time you see a girl you like just that, "No, I can't like a girl". And it will help
Answered Oct 09, 2013
k first of all thats not a good thing to say. try telling all of us that, and your gonna be slapped by a few people
You're afraid that God won't love you anymore?
Boy, wait until you realize he's not real!

Concerning your bisexuality, you mentioned you're 12 years old at the moment, I'm not sure whether or not you should "come out of the closet", it isn't like you're a butch dyke, right?
As for your parents, if they don't already know that you're bisexual; they will learn in time, even if you don't tell them, your parents should and will love you no matter what, for you are their child, have fun in life, kid.
Answered Oct 09, 2013
Ehhhem I love God and I can not live poof
You say God's not real? SON OF A B*TCH.
Lumalee Apr 27, 2017
god will not see you as a sinner. if god saw all of us LGBTTQ people ass sinners, hed have along time coming. and hes the one who put us here anyways. I came out when I was 12 in grd 7, I told my friend and she was fine with it. im les, and im proud of it, everytime says something about it being weird or bad or something, I just tell em, well thats fine cause im not wasting my time arguing with you about my choice of love. cause its not worth it to deal with people who tell you not to be yourself. dont be afraid of who you really are. and welcome to the LGBTTQ community. your not a freak, you are who you were born to be.
Answered Mar 08, 2014
I'm in the same situation! I've only told one person, though. My best friend. Wait for the right moment. And she's your MOM. She'll never hate you! She might ask herself what she did wrong to make you feel that way about girls, but she will love you no matter what. Sure, she'll be confused a bit and worried but she will always support you. (I'm also 12, just so ya know)
Answered Mar 14, 2014
Hey, jewel, I am bisexual too, and what I say is likely to contradict several of the above comments. First of all, come out when you are ready. Whoever doesn't like it, it's their problem, not yours. What the world thinks is nothing compared to what you are. I am speaking as a bisexual, goth, anime-addicted girl who is accepted only by her friends. Truth be told, I don't think god would hate you for this. It's something you cannot change, sweet, and trying to change it won't help. Why would we be here if we didn't have purpose? And to everyone who says you aren't old enough to know your sexuality, well, they weren't saying that when you thought you were straight. To be honest with you, LGBT+ people are just like heterosexual people, but with different attractions. The last thing? If I were you, I'd be careful who you tell, and keep yourself armed (either by bringing a knife in your bra or by learning self defense), because there are people who want to kill us out there. My friends and I don't feel safe without some form of protection on us in public. Good luck.
Answered Feb 08, 2016
You only get one life...look after yourself and do what makes you happy. Don't worry that you will upset people along the way. If really loved you they wouldn't care if you are blue, green, yellow, gay or straight. Live your life and stop worrying about others :)
Answered Feb 16, 2016
OMG no not that young. Plz don't be mad but just stop that. U r waaaay too young to think about that. And your mom will not hate u.
Answered Feb 16, 2016
Don't ever mix religion with that, we are all people no matter if we are straight or gay. If you think she will not understand don't tell her until you are really shure how to tell her. There are plenty of support sites even some dating sites like dallas.partyline.com where I met a lot of great supporting people who gave me great advise. Thing about everything twice before you do something you still have plenty of situations in life to go through. Good luck.
Answered Sep 15, 2016

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