Are there any instant home remedies to treat a BAD allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide?

Yesterday, I used a tiny bit (very, very little) of Benzac AC benzoyl peroxide on the few pimples lying on my forehead. Yet, in the morning, I woke up with completely PUFFY, SWOLLEN, RED eyes (It was so scary I couldn't look at myself - my face looked completely disorientated! Even my family freaked out looking at my face.) as well as most of my face being extremely swollen, red, puffy and itchy. My skin burnt and stung since then. I really need help! Please. Any instant home remedies? Anything? (Other than hydrocortisone cream) I won't dare go into public looking like this (I look like a swollen mess and someone that had plastic surgery and didn't come out right! Sorry but that was the truth.) I need something that will get rid of it overnight or at the most in two days before I have my birthday as well as another upcoming special event. Thanks if you help!
Asked Oct 04, 2013

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