I need a vocal song from an animated movie or tv show? Anime or disney movies or something?

I am in high school and am having a hard time choosing a song to sing for a concert. The song has to be from an animated movie, like Disney or an Anime or something of that sort. I have a voice that can sing alto and higher soprano, but I would prefer something more in the medium range. I also have a group that I will probably work with in addition to a solo, so if you have any suggestions of similar songs with harmony, that would be great!
I like slower, more legato music, and will rarely consider doing an upbeat song, but if its good, suggest it!
Another thing to get you to kind of understand what I'm looking for is the things I'm considering. I am a HUGE fan of Yoko Kanno and anyone who sung for her, so I would definitely LOVE to do something by her. As an example, I would give Diamonds, Arcadia(yes, I can sing opera, ok dont judge) Sora, Voices, something like that. I like Teru no Uta from tales from Earthsea, or the vocal music from Spirited Away, and I was also thinking God help the Outcasts from Hunchback of Notre Dame or Baby Mine from Dumbo.
Hopefully this gives you an idea to what I'm looking for. Thank you!

Asked Sep 30, 2013
Edited Oct 01, 2013
Have you considered doing the opening theme from Serial Experiments Lain?


Answered Oct 03, 2013
Edited Oct 03, 2013

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