Can someone help me write a creative and interesting poem about constipation?

does anyone have any good ideas/suggestions on what I can write? (I dont mind what form of poem as long as it is below 20 lines) Writing a poem about constipation. I intend to use end stopped lines throughout the peom to convey the constipation. however I also want to use an enjambed line at the end to convey the relief. PLEASE HELP!! :)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 30, 2013
What to do when nature's stuck
You're suffering from a case of yuck?
Them ol' bowels givin' you grief
And you're lookin' for some quick relief?

Plastic bottle, insert right here
And you will poop into next year
Eat you're veggies; drink H2O
You'll always say, "I'm free to go"
Answered Sep 30, 2013

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