Somebody please help me with this girl/girl "friendship"

I just entered grade 10 and I met this girl in class who quickly became my closest friend. She's really friendly and confident, and she likes to randomly hug or touch other girls. But the one she touches the most is me. She said it's because I'm her best friend and I always touch her back. Lately we've been getting closer, to the point that she can caress my thighs, kiss my neck and arm, or lean her head on my chest. I let her do that because I really, really really like her (emotionally and physically). I really want to tell her that I have this feeling for her, but I'm afraid it'll destroy our friendship. She said she's not bisexual like me (even though she admits she's turned on by girls) and she thinks she has a crush on an older boy. I don't know what to do now. Can anyone help me, please?
Asked Sep 27, 2013
Admit your feelings.
It might ruin your friendship, but in my experience, it's much much much harder to live with a hidden crush.
If she already made it very clear that she does not like girls, then why does she kiss you? Why does she put her head on your chest?
I think she likes you too. Idk.
If she is giving you many many signs that she is straight, then don't admit your feelings.
Answered Sep 27, 2013
i also agree, its better to tell her and get it off your chest than to carry it around for a long while. and yeah if shes not bi then why does she kiss you and touch you. I think shes scared to admit that she likes you more than a friend
go 4 it suduce her or try turn her on
Answered Sep 29, 2013
Starylovelyness u suck!
Answered Mar 30, 2014

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