How do I know if a girl likes me and I'm a girl?

Ok so we're in high school and I think we're both freshman, I say I think because I only see her during lunch. She tends to stare at me as I eat, however I don't look up because I don't wanna have that awkward staring situation. She always wants me to go throw something away for her even if she could easily do it herself. She doesn't talk to many people, but her best friend sits with us during lunch and she pays more attention to me than her. I tend to tell really pointless jokes that are unintentionally funny to her mostly. Now here's where I get kinda weirded out even more because she leaves outta the lunch earlier than me and yet somehow she ends up behind me and always walks closer to me and just starts a random conversation and the last one was asking if I had a brother and the other time she just came out of the blue saying I was really short which someone else had said earlier during lunch. Ok I know it sounds rude, but I honestly don't know her name and I don't like her in a romantic relationship sort of way. I am curious to know what my sexuality is and because of her always staring I can't really look at her in that way. Oh yeah I may not know her name, she repetitively uses mine. What does all of this mean?
Asked Sep 25, 2013
I have sort of the same situation. She really likes you but its not I place to say it but maybe a little more than like. She wants your attention and she also by getting that wanted attention is to please you in any way which explains her laughing at your jokes whether she think its funny or not or realizes your telling a joke. She might be gay but might be a really strong admirer who really like your personality(It depends on how she reacted when you first met her, unless she met you first.
Answered Sep 25, 2013
She met me first because she wanted me to come with her to get her lunch although I wasn't the only option. When we got in line she barely looked at me and we never talked the whole time
She seems to be both an admirer and gay. But she seems to have a crush on you. She could be thinking carefully about what to say to you because that's what shy/quiet people do when they have a crush as they don't usually ask people they rarely know for stuff like that.
I'm not really sure if I like her back only because she stares at me so much I don't have time to really admire her
I know how you feel whenever the girl across me geometry class stares at me I feel like scratching the wood off my desk. If shes really bothering you ( for example more of a pain than a friend) just try to find a new table and avoid her because its not good to stress yourself. I hope this advice helps
She's not a pain I just feel uncomfortable at times if she does it too much but she is really pretty and nice and yes it did I'll keep it in mind tomorrow at lunch thanks

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