Whats the best PPC tricks for google?

can Anyone Explain good PPc tricks
Asked Sep 25, 2013
In PPC, you have to click on an ad and not only have to keep open for 1-30 secs, you also need to stay on that page and kinda look at it. There are many PPC services available in the market nowadays... If you try to do anything else like checking emails or facebook the time will pause and when you will back on that ad the time will continue from where it was paused. And if you open another ad at the same time, you wont get paid... here is exactly what PPC is: http://tinyurl.com/meznqkf
Answered Sep 19, 2014
Edited Sep 19, 2014
There are so many tricks in the PPC you only want to select based on your budget if you want to know more about PPC or you want any help on PPC services you can visit Impiger they are providing good services. https://www.impigertech.com/digital-marketing/
Answered Oct 10, 2018
Google Adwords is a vast PPC platform and there are hundreds of metrics to look into. But to help you to improve your PPC campaign looks into below-mentioned tips:

• Choose correct bid strategy from CPC, CPV, CPA, ROAS, ECPC etc.
• Target location carefully
• Proper device targeting for mobile
• Apply proper bid adjustments
• Improve quality score
• Check Proper Ad Copy
• Check CTR
• Create relevant Landing Page
• Use ad extension
• Select valuable keywords
• Build a negative keyword list

Better ad copy improves CTR and quality score of the campaign which helps to increase visitors, conversion and reduce the amount spent on the campaign. It improves the overall campaign performance. Click here to know more tips on Ad copy that boost sales.
Answered Feb 05, 2019
At its most basic level, Google PPC advertisers pay to show ads in one of two different ways: (1) showing text ads in response to a search someone enters into Google search engine or (2) showing visual (image, email or video) ads to people based on what topics they are interested in or websites they visit.

Needless to say the algorithms employed by Google to interpret user interests, price the clicks and display results is highly complex and frequently changing.

For search advertising a real-time, online auction is held every time someone searches for a topic. That auction takes into account what advertisers are willing to pay for keywords and other inputs derived from machine learning such as ad rank, quality score and expected click-through rate to price the clicks and where to place the ad on the search results page.

Data Bid Machine offers a vital pay per click bid management software to support a brand’s online marketing campaign. Data Bid Machine helps businesses in optimizing the latest ad technologies to boost online activity on their website and to save valuable financial assets.
Answered May 30, 2021

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