Celebrities online saying your name like in real life

Couple times I ran into this online
which aint up no more, but it was a criss angel (the magician) website and what you did was put your first name and phone number in and then criss angel called me and called me by name (scared the shit out of me lol) I immediatly hung up cause it was really him saying my name and another thing is when ashton kutcher and demi more were together and they started the DNA foundation for human trafficking and theyre motto was "real men dont buy girls" or something like that, anyways I think you could pick the celebrity to say your name and I picked out demi moore, then she came on the screen and said kevin is a real man, the thing I dont understand is it was they didnt even pause to say my name, and both websites had alot of common names, it felt like they were actually talking to me because there was no cut in them talking or pausing to say my name, it was one complete sentance without stopping....does anybody know any more of these videos?
Asked Sep 24, 2013

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