I saw my friend have sex on my BEAD!

So I had a party and I invited all my guy friends and their gfs. I did cause my parents are on vacation. so I went to my room during the party to get a new pair of clothes since I spilled soda all over me when I open my door my best friend and his gf were naked and having sex. what do I do my parents have a video cam in my room.dont ask why. What do I tell my friend and my parents what do I do!!!!!!!?
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Asked Sep 23, 2013
well find the cam break it and get a new one
Answered Mar 18, 2014
Edited Mar 18, 2014
If your parents have a video, they should be able to tell it's not you in the picture. Tell them you had nothing to do with it and have your "best friend" explain it to them.

If you weren't supposed to have the party, then that part of the problem is yours.
Answered Sep 23, 2013
First id recommend burning those bed sheets, and bleaching that matress. Next if you werent supposed to have the party apologize for doing so without permission. Also be sure and, explain to them that you had no idea what was going on in your room. Last thing you should do is agree too whatever possible punishment
Your parents give u cause think about it, will it ever really be as bad as seeing your best friend doing certain " activities" on YOUR bed?! Cause if I were in your place that would be more tramatizing.
Answered Mar 15, 2014
Edited Mar 18, 2014
join her/him
Answered Mar 20, 2014

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