My boyfriend is really bi polar and idk what to do

Im 16 and my bf is 21 (my mom approves me dating him but my dad doesnt know) and me and him are in a long distance relationship. We are like 15hrs apart from eachother and its really hard. My bf has bi polar. Somtimes he snaps at me for no reason and idk what to do. He went through alot growing up so I understand why he is that way. We went through 80% of the same thing and life and I still am. But ik how to controle myself but He says I dont understand his illness and how to work with him and I dont. He tells me when he snaps to give him space. I tried that and when I do he says if I give him space he wont be here when I return from giving him space. He says try to calm him I do that but that doesnt work either. He is on medication for bipolar and has a couciler. I really need somone to help me :( and tell me what I can do to make my bf remain calm or methods to do.
Asked Sep 23, 2013
You can't really do anything about it try looking up way to deal with it
Answered Nov 30, 2013

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