Please please need a help seriously please

so the story is. . . There are 12 or 13 girls lives in hostle. . . They all are engineering students and their hostle is in my street . . . Last week I saw a girl she is one of them. . She is so beautiful. . . Let me tell u im a girl too. . . When I saw her I stared her a minut. . . Their bus stop is just few steps far from my house. . So I wish to see her daily. . . And I do so from my balcony. .1 day I think she realised that I am staring her. . She turn back to making it sure. . . There is another girl whos always with her holding her hands. . Her friend holds her hand specially infront of me. . I saw her only 4 days after that I didn't saw her. . I see all the girls except them she and her friend. . Their bus pick up them one from my street and another is a bit far. . I am worried they have changed the bus stop. . Just becoz me??? Or its my thinking. . .why they always holds hand infornt of me. . Does her friend feels insecure. . .becoz of me??? I m feeling really guilty and bad. . .plz tell me what should I do. . . Should I say sorry and stop this forever!
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Asked Sep 22, 2013
Edited Sep 23, 2013
Just give her space, it'll be ok soon enough.
I would suggest you ask her if you offended her or anything like that.

Hopefully this helps!
Answered Sep 24, 2013
i agree with antwal
Answered Sep 27, 2013
Try tallking to her..if you don't how would she know or you for that matter
Communication is key..
Answered Mar 04, 2014

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