I'm a teenager and want to know if Iam doing the right thing to lose weight

I'm a teenager and want to lose weight fast and stay fit! I wanted to know if what Iam doing is correct and if it will help me lose weight fast. So to lose weight I;
have a banana and a yogurt for breakfast
have a piece of fruit after 2-3 hours
have chicken or tuna salad for lunch
then another piece of fruit after 3 hours
then for dinner, I eat the same as my family members however, I eat a small quantity of food for tea than usual.
Please can you let me know if Iam doing the corect thing and if any changes should be made to my diet.
P.s I have my 5 a days daily, drink plenty of water and also do a dance workout 3-4 times a week for about 20 mins.
Asked Sep 18, 2013
oh and I forgot to add maybe work for 30 minutes everyday :)
i think your doing GREAT! but you should't skip on you meals to much because if you don't eat your full meal you get even hungrier and then you eat and that food will turn into fat and you don't want to eat to much to you should eat like till you like 80% full then that will be good and you should work out maybe everyday if you can't do that then you can do like 1 day of the week of your break like maybe saturday or sunday and I think you can stay fit like that and only if you want to have treats then you can just have 1 sweet day but don't to Much! but I think you doing great hope you stay fit bye!
Answered Sep 18, 2013
never skip meals you sound like your doing all the right things. sometimes it does take a while to loose weight, all depends on the person. but seems like your doing a great job. :)
Answered Oct 02, 2013
Hi there,

I am sorry you feel you should be loosing weight you look fine though!

Anway the advice I would give you is you are doing great so far! Such a good diet I love it! I have a new diet plan for you though, It is always nice to have different diet plans now and then. This is just an idea you dont have to follow it


7.15am wake up
7.30am get dressed
8.00am have plum and banana in natrual plain yogurt and have a glass of water to drink
8.15am go to school

Same routine of week days until Friday.


8.30am get up
9.00am get ready and dressed
9.30am have breakfast- Seeded toast with low fat butter, a glass of apple juice and an apple
10:00am do some gentle exercise for half an hour. Jogging on the spot, Yoga etc.
10.30am Watch some TV chill down time
11.30am Go out for a nice walk or go out for a run
1.00pm have lunch brown bread, low fat butter and some jam to make a low fat jam sandwich. Have a glass of fruit juice to drink and a packet of wholegrain crisps
2.00pm and onwards whatever you want
Answered Dec 09, 2013
I think Ur doing an great
Answered Dec 10, 2013
Well try counting calories. If you are a girl, you shouldn't eat under 1200 calories a day or your body could go into starvation mode. If it goes into starvation mode it'll hold onto your fat, and you'll only lose muscle. (Which will not make you look any better)

Try eating a little more, and be more active as this will most likely boost your metabolism :)

Also eat lean meat, (like chicken) fish and vegetables.
Try to avoid pasta, white bread, rice and fatty products.
Also remember to drink a lot of water, and avoid sugary liquids like soda.

And please don't starve yourself. Starvation and quick weight loss, can result in anorexic behavior.

Tip: if you haven't done it yet, involve your close friends or family in the process.
Answered Aug 16, 2015

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