What words begin and end with the same letter

I'm looking for a long list of english words that begin and end with the same letter
Asked Sep 18, 2013
Absentia, abulia, academia, aereola, ammonia, amnesia, amoeba, Ana, anathema, anemia, anesthesia, animalia, anorexia, Antarctica, aphasia, apologia, appaloosa, aqua, Arabia, arcadia, area,aria, aroma, arugula, Asia, Atlanta, bathtub, barb, bib, blob, blurb, bob, bomb, boob, bulb, calisthenic, caloric, calorific, cardiac, catastrophic, catatonic, caustic, chaotic, chic, chronic,
chthonic, cleric, clinic, colic, colonic, comic, copacetic, dad, dastard, dead, deadwood, decoded, deed, defamed, defeated, defend, deflated, delayed, deleted, deluded, demand, demoted, deplaned, depleted, deranged, detained, devoted, dilated, dogged, dread, dud, duplicated, dyed, ease, eagle, ease, educate, eerie, effulgence, eke, elephantine, elevate, elite, elope, elucidate, elude, emancipate, encourage, enervate, entendre, enterprise, entice, enumerate, enunciate, envelope, enzyme, epicure, epigone, epilogue, epistle, equable, eradicate, erudite, escapade, escape, estate,estimable, estimate, evade, evanesce/evanescence, evase, evermore, everyone, evidence, evince, eviscerate, evocative, evoke, evolve, ewe, exercise, exacerbate, excrescence, exculpate, execrable, executive, expatriate, expectorate, expiate, expose, expurgate, extirpate, extricate, fief, fluff, foodstuff, gag, gang, gig, ginseng, gloaming, going, gong, gulag, haberdash, harsh, hash, hath, hashish, health, high, hitch, hooch, hookah, hunch, hush, hutch, kayak, kick, kink, kiosk, knock, kook, lackadaisical, lacteal, laical, lapel, larval, laurel, legal, lentil, lethal, libel, liberal, literal, littoral, local, logical, loll, lull, lustful, luteal, lyrical, madam, magnum, maxim, maximum, medium, miasm, microcosm, millennium, minimum, modem, mom, nation, neon, neutron, nocturn, nonagenarian, noon, notion, noun, nun, nylon, oregano, Oreo, pimp, plop, plump, polyp, pomp, poop, pop, prep, primp, prop, pulp, pup, raconteur,racecar, radar, rapier, rapper, razor, reader, realer, Realtor,reaper, rear, reindeer, remainder, reminder, reservoir, retainer, rider, riser, river, roadrunner, roar, romper, roofer, roper, router, ruler, rumor, runner, sadness, sagacious, salacious, sass,sassafras, seamless, seamstress, sedulous, sebaceous, selfless, serious, sideways, slippers, softness, solicitous, sorceress, soulless, specious, stasis, statistics, stiffness, stress, sumptuous, supercilious, superfluous, superstitious, suppositious, surreptitious, susurrus, Swiss, synthesis, talent, tantamount, tarot, tart, taunt, teat, technologist, tempt, tenet, tent, terrorist, therapist, thermostat, tilt, tint, tit, toast, toilet, toot, torrent, tot, tort, tourist, tournament, tourniquet, tout, traitor, treat, trenchant, trident, trinket, truculent, trumpet, tryst, typist, twit, wallow, whew, widow, willow, window, wow, xerox, yearly, yesterday. Alaska, Alabama, Australia, Arizona.
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Answered Jan 03, 2014

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