Can I sue for bullying?

My sister is 12. She has been being bullied for 2 years now. About her weight and appearance and how she's worthless etc. So recently she started to experiment on pill overdoes to test and see how much would kill her. She went to school 5 TIMES THIS WEEK AND SHE WAS HIGH AND THEY DID NOT NOTICE OR PAY ATTENTION. This Friday she got into a physical fight at school and the teachers did nothing so she took 20 pills. But she woke up because of her racing heart and we took her to the hospital. They said she might have liver damage. Now she's in a underage mental institution. Can I sue?
Asked Sep 15, 2013
Yes, you can sue the shool. They have whats called a duty of care and they are obviously not doing their job properly. You need to file a formal complain through either the school or contact the police for futher information. One more thing hun tell your sister "she is beautiful" because she is and all your support will help her fight this battle she can win it with your help :) xxxxxxxx
Answered Sep 16, 2013
You have every right to complain to the school system and the police about the bullying but the argument that over-dosing on drugs is a consequence of the bullying would be very hard to prove. I seriously doubt you would win a lawsuit based on the idea that people in the school system have an obligation to recognize which children are on drugs and which are not. The school system is there to teach young people how to navigate through life. It's not intended to remedy all of the social ills of a society that believes that every problem can be solved by a pill.

Answered Sep 16, 2013

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