I am 16 years old and I want to create a non-profit.?

I'm a current high schooler in the U.S. and I want to create a non-profit to support education in Vietnam. I am half Vietnamese and I lived Hanoi until I was 14. I have experienced the horrifying education system there (you were brainwashed into thinking in a box, students have minimal knowledge about what is going on nationally and internationally, minimal budget going into education, ...). I believe that a great education system can change a country, and honestly Vietnam needs change. (It's economy is mostly built on tourism, it's also experiencing major brain drain)
I want to create a non-profit that will have Vietnamese students have a more international outlook, linking them with more international programs. Although, for a start, I want to raise funds for less fortunate kids in rural areas of Vietnam for more facilities and establishments.
There are currently no international non-profits devoted to this specific area, so please don't say that I should volunteer instead.
I love Vietnam and I want change and I think a start on education can do it. I know I'm just a high school student but I can't just stand and wait for someone to fix the endless broken things in Vietnam.
Asked Sep 15, 2013
I would create a pitch deck for your idea and present it at events where Angel Investors go. State the problem back it up with research, show your solution and how it is viable, what systems would be in place, explain how the venture could be funded. You can do anything you put your mind to even if you are in high school. Start a club and brainstorm ways you could raise money or create a website that provides the others resources, maybe even a pen-pal system where you can share knowledge back and forth?
Answered May 02, 2014

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