Sisters 2 year boyfriend says he loves me and wants up to be together?

Well my sisters been with this lad for 2 years and it's the worst relationship I have ever seen all they do is argue don't want to spend time with each other at all and well this lad we have been close for about a year of them going out we get on so well as we both chilled out people and have the same interests and when their not together he is texting me all the time and we chill and get high most weekends and my sister thinks he is cheating on her and she tells me her worries and it's a difficult position I can't say I've been chilling with him and all that and then last night we was chilling and getting high again and he tells me how he feels and that he is only with my sister so he can be round me more and not have to be in secret and he wants me to be with him but not in secret I mean I like this boy and love spending time with him what's your views I know it's pretty messed up situation to be in and he then txt me this morning saying the same things as last night and he came over and spending time with my sis and then they argued again and he said its over I don't want to be with you anymore I love someone else and then he just went :/ views on what to do
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Anonymous User
Asked Sep 15, 2013
fuck if you can live with you sister being mad for a bit or maybe a long while then I say do it. you dont want to regret letting go someone this great(for you) just over fear.
Answered Sep 15, 2013

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