How do I deal with a long distance relationship?

Im in England and He is in Austrailia. Plus he travels a lot.

Please help me?
Asked Sep 15, 2013
Ah an Aussie :P Good to see more of us Aussies about. Anywho these kind of long distance relationships are actually easy to deal with. Its alot like having a boyfriend who is in the army, they go away alot and come back. An easy way to cope with this is too basically do these sorts of things:

1. Call him whenever possible, this will help to ease the amount of communication lost while he is away.
2. Keep a photo of him, make sure he keeps a photo of you, this should help him remember you for what you look like rather than your sound.
3. Make sure to tell him you miss him, this will get him missing you too and he'll look forward to coming back to see you.
Either than that you can always look up something on wikihow, they have some great guides there.

Hopefully this helps!
Answered Sep 16, 2013
Thanks very much :)
AnnaMc Sep 22, 2013
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Answered Jun 09, 2018

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