I like my best friend but I don't think he likes me back.

I really like this guy. He's funny, cute, and caring. We've been friends for a year now and I want to ask him out and we're in a group together. I'm really scared that he doesn't feel the same way and that it's going to make this EXTREMELY awkward. I don't want to lose him as a friend but I can't keep convincing myself I don't like him like I have been for a year. We have a lot in common but what if he doesn't like me back and sees me as "one of the boys". I'm scared to take a step but I know if I don't, I will regret it. Please help. I think my friends are going to tell him tomorrow so I need advice!! Thanks so much!
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Asked Sep 12, 2013
just spend time alone. you dont have to ask him out, maybe alone time will make up yours or his mind. he might even ask you.
if in the conversation it comes up you liking him say ya without regrets
sometimes friendship is better knowing sometimes its worse

as an example I had this guy best friend that I was hung over heels for for a very long time. I told him I liked him that he was hot and at first he said eww but then he would always pick on me (flirt) and write me notes in class
he knew I liked him, but we never dated or did anything together
we were still best friends but could flirt and write notes to each other all the time
once I asked him if why do you write me so many notes? and he replied "because I dont like you" which I knew meant he did, he just cared about what the whole school would think if we were together (which was middle school drama anyways so it didnt really matter)
i was just glad he would flirt with me and talk to me, it made our friendship funner and better telling him I liked him and I knew by his actions he did too
a relationship didnt matter all that mattered was how good the friendship was
Answered Sep 13, 2013

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