I an really unhappy with my life I need suggestions

i am 13 years old.i am in 9 class I am not that beautiful because of my dark complection.i am not that good in studies I get 60 to 70 percent.My parents are not happy with that.My mom always says that no one will like me because I am not good at any work I am not beautiful and not good at studies. I cry every night and pray.i have spects with 5 point.I cant see far things without spects.My friends love me for my character but no one gets impressed by seeing me at the first time.I feel very depressed many times plz help me give me some suggestions.......
Asked Sep 10, 2013
I guess this is old. Go to the health shop and get a supplement called 5-HTP. Work hard and enjoy life work hard for life cause it's the only way to get anywhere. You have to work hard. If you work hard you will get somewhere if you need help studies look up all words you do not understand in dictionary watch videos. Learn speed reading. Look it up online and you will learn how to become better student.

"My mom always says that no one will like me because I am not good at any work I am not beautiful and not good at studies."

Your mom sounds like a real bitch if you don't mind me saying. 60-70% is good although you should do better. What got me to work hard was that my mom always told me that I'd fail so I got a B average in my report for my finals and I totally made her SUCK IT!!!! She was so shocked that she lied and said "I knew encouraging you would work ^_^"

Why should you care what your mom thinks? Just because of your grades doesn't mean that no one will ever love you -_- I laugh when my mom tells me that no one will love me if I don't keep my back straight. And don't worry things will get better.
Answered Sep 10, 2013
Well man you want my advice. You grow thick skin. "the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows kid". You better start find goals and dreams and you chase those shit cause thats what is gona keep you going. You find what you want and no matter what anybody tells yo, you go for it and I promise you. You will be happy, and yes you are gona hit bumps in the road but dont stop till you hit the goal man. Then you will be happy regardless of all the unhappy people.
Answered Sep 12, 2013
The teenage years can be very difficult. I have two teenage kids myself and I know they have difficult times. There's a website that helped them www.jw.org. It has an entire section for teenagers. If you go to it select bible teachings and then teenagers. This is one of the many articles that is one there, I hope you find it encouraging.
How can I stop being so sad?
Regardless of the cause—or even if there doesn’t seem to be one—what can you do when sadness holds you in its grip? Try the following:

Talk about it. In the midst of his turmoil, Job said: “I will speak in the bitterness of my soul!”—Job 10:1.
Kellie: The relief I feel after talking to someone is amazing. Finally, someone knows what I’m going through. They can lower the rope and pull me out of the pit—saved at last!

Write about it. When sadness clouds your outlook on life, you might want to try putting your thoughts on paper. In his inspired psalms, David sometimes expressed deep sadness. (Psalm 6:6) Writing about such feelings can help you to “safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability.”—Proverbs 3:21.
Heather: Writing helps me to organize the mental clutter that accumulates from sadness. When you can express your feelings and sort them out, the sadness is less overwhelming.

Pray about it. The Bible says that if you pray about your concerns, ‘the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your heart and your mental powers.’—Philippians 4:6, 7.
Esther: I was trying to figure out why I felt so down, and I couldn’t. I asked Jehovah to help me to be happy. I was sick of being sad when I had no reason to be. I finally broke the cycle. Never underestimate the power of prayer!
When sadness won’t go away
“On some mornings,” says Ryan, “I feel that it would be easier just to stay in bed and avoid having to get up and face another pointless day.” Ryan suffers from clinical depression, and he’s not alone. Studies suggest that about 1 in 4 youths suffers from some type of major or minor depression before reaching adulthood.

How can you find out if you suffer from depression? Some symptoms include a pronounced change in mood and behavior, social isolation, diminished interest in almost all activities, a significant change in eating habits and sleeping patterns, and intense feelings of worthlessness or unwarranted guilt.

Of course, nearly everyone has one or more of those symptoms at some time or another. But if symptoms persist for more than a couple of weeks, why not talk to your parents about getting a checkup? A physician can help determine if your sadness has a medical cause.

If you do suffer from clinical depression, it is nothing to be ashamed of. With treatment, many sufferers have begun to feel better—perhaps the best they have felt in a long time. Whether your sadness is caused by depression or not, remember the comforting words of Psalm 34:18: “Jehovah is near to those that are broken at heart; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves.”
Answered Aug 25, 2015
Learn speed reading search it on the net it google.com will teach you to understand more. See videos of what you don't understand, make examples, draw. Write down words during class you don't understand and look them up later. Don't go past anything you don't understand.
Answered Aug 25, 2015
Edited Aug 25, 2015
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