(Urgent) English homework-I need suggestions on what I should change/add or take out and a ending.

My homework for my English class tomorrow -
My teacher read us a story (Not sure of the stories name) and she told us to complete it by using our own ending. The story is about a guy who's car broke down on a highway in the middle of nowhere, so he started walking and walking until he found a house or station. The man then saw a big dark creepy house but He decided to go see if someone lived there anyway so he walked up to the house & knocked, someone who appeared to be a woman opened the door with a candle but the candle did not reveal her face only the old abounded house, she invited him inside and so he followed her down the hall way to a big table she went to stand at the end of the table where a man was sitting also unable to see his face, they said ""we have been expecting you" the man frightened walked closer and the candle showed their faces, they were featureless faceless people so he ran out and he ran and ran and then this car told him to get in he will take him home, so he was in the car for a while and started to relax, then the driver asked him why he was running and looked so scared, the man then started to explain what happened and then the driver took down his scarf and took of his hat and asked the man if this was what he was revering to.

that is where my teacher stopped so I would like suggestions on this :

The man could barely gasp for air, with the last of his breath he managed to stutter "W-w-who are you?"
The fear in his eyes as noticeable as a _______ , his hands trembling, shivers go down his vine like a ______ , and his body frozen like ____. The faceless man leaned over to him and said in a deep tone I am nobody. Who are you? hold on to who you are for soon you will be a nobody too. Just like all of us, forgotten souls. We died by surprise. The man _____ in fright, closed his eyes oh so very tight, his wrists turned blue as he pinched himself to wake-up. He kept repeating, this must be a dream, this must be a dream. The last of his courage built up inside. He took his fist and smashed the passenger window into ____ little pieces. He jumped out and to his terror'

I only got this far it's not suppose to be long so I need a ending and any suggestions on what I should change/add or take out. please and thank you. (:
Asked Sep 08, 2013
Edited Sep 08, 2013
1. Siren?
2. Whip?
3. ... He was covered in Plaster of Paris
4. Dug his nails into his palms
5. Microscopic

Yours is great!
Answered May 02, 2014

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