I think I'm in love with my bros gf (I'm a girl 2)

Im a bi girl and my bro has been dating this girl for almost a year, they constantly argue and we never properly talked before, until one week we started speaking and we got on really well, I defiantly have feelings for her but I wanna know if she has them for me. One time we spent the whole day in bed watching films and programmes and we watched a horror film and when it got scary she would hold me really tight, we hug a lot and spend quite a lot of time together but she had to go back to her house which is 3 hours away. I get a warm feeling inside when I see her and get really sad when she is gone. Also one time I went on my bros phone to get someone's number and I saw a pic of her with her top off, and I admit I got turned on. The next day I asked if she was straight and she told me quickly that she is bi and likes to kiss girls!
Does she like me if so what should I do??? Pls help!!
Asked Sep 08, 2013
she so likes you! ask her over to whach movies and when she gets scared and holds you look over and try to kiss her and she will kiss you back she dosnet just say ok sorry and ya but she soooooo likes you ;) hope I helped you two have fun!!! :)
Answered Sep 08, 2013
Do ya really think
If I try to kiss her she might tell my bro and my mum and bro would practically disown me...
try to kiss her if she says not tell her not to tell any one but she WILL kiss you back
Oh ya and tell me how it goes girl!
It's hard to tell if she likes you. But I does sound like she does so spend more time with her then if you are confident confess to her and see what she says dont try and kiss her you may scare her.
Answered Sep 25, 2013
Yes, I actually think she does.
Answered Oct 12, 2013
Edited Oct 12, 2013
She definitely likes you, I agree with jiyong tho, dont scare her, and take it slow. And if her and your bro are always fighting, thats not healthy, and I suggest she break up with him
Answered Jan 22, 2014
I actually think tel her you like her and ask her if she wants to be with your brother and then you can kiss or whatever
Answered Jul 29, 2014
If shez bi and likes to kiss girls, she would definitely won't back off if you are close friends! Take steps! It seems to be going quite well! :) Gluck
Answered Aug 02, 2014

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