How do I explain to my girl friend that I have foot fetish

hi my name is jake and im 11 I have foot fetish and I want to lick my girlfriends feet but I dont no how to tell her I have foot fetish
Asked Sep 05, 2013
wow okay fetishists are starting early these days I guess u just tell her she has pretty feet them start kissing them or whatever
Answered Sep 07, 2013
Jake, take it easy and slow. Don't go for licking or sucking her feet right away, or be all creepy or weird about it. Give her foot rubs, tell her how cute both she and her feet are. Also pay attention to the rest of her as well. Don't always go for the foot thing, but do other things with her too.

Ask to smell her feet, some young girls don't have any rigid, stuffy attitudes or insecurities about this type of thing, and she may think it's funny. Tell her you like the way they smell. Then, after you get to know her and she doesn't mind your thing for her feet, ask to suck her toes and lick them. If she let's you do all this sometimes, DON'T EVER LET HER GO!
Answered Oct 26, 2013
Edited Oct 26, 2013
My ex had a foot fetish. I didn't find it weird atall surprisingly when he told me, but I was really annoyed at first because I thought I didn't have nice feet, well before him I never payed attention until he said I have small, cute and pretty feet etc, just compliment her and be slow and understanding if she finds it weird.
Answered Oct 26, 2013
Foot fetish refers to the sexual attraction towards the leg.

Google to learn more about it.
Answered Jan 25, 2020

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