Please help, I am so confused and I don't know what to do

Ok so i'm a bisexual girl and I have this cousin who I will leave unnamed and who is not blood related to me and we meet like 3 years ago when I went to st. Augustine with my grandparents to go to the beach and we were staying at her place and we clicked right away, same interests things like that and my grandparents and I were going to go to st. Augustine back in july to visit my cousin and her family again and to go hang out at the beach but we didn't cause they already had a trip planed, and well its September now and I've been thinking about my cousin a lot, like more then just friends kind of ways and well my question is what should I do cause this is driving me crazy and I can't get her out of my head, its gotten so bad I can't even draw and I draw like everyday but the only thing that comes to mind when i'm holding a pencil and looking down at the paper is my cousin, I mean is it wrong what i'm feeling toward her? or is it ok cause we are not blood related? please tell me what I should do, thank you
Asked Sep 04, 2013
Edited Sep 04, 2013
love is love txt her telling her! it dose not matter if she says no then just say k sorry and if yes I wouldn't tell ur mom or dad but there you have a gf good luck :)
Answered Sep 05, 2013
I think you should follow your feelings. Maybe call and talk to her and see if she may be thinking the same thing. Just remember, when it come to family, blood or not, things could get a little crazy. Best of luck!
Answered Nov 10, 2013

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