What should I have done when I went out with this girl?

I went to see a movie with this girl and I really like her. It was the first time with just us going out and she said she was cold
During the movie. Should I have put my arm
Around her or not? I really don't know if that was a date or what but it's bothering me ha should have I have put
Arm around her or not???
Asked Sep 03, 2013
you should've gave her jumper or hugged her bro. and maybe on the way----did she kiss u on the cheek though? or did u just went out as frends? ??
Answered Sep 03, 2013
That's what I really didn't know ha. She wanted somebody to go see a movie with her and I said yeah I will go with her and she said I could
Pick her up so I did. It was really confusing for me ha I bought her ticket and everything just to be a gentlemen but I don't know if it was a legit "date" or not. You know?
oh tat is hard........ u should ask her again if u wanna see another movie? talk to her and find out about her like wat movies she likes to see or any movies she wants to see..then she will tell u and u go for AND bro, this time u make it clear its a date
anon99 Sep 09, 2013
if u had a jacket u should have gave that to her cuz I said that to a guy one time and he gave me his jacket and we were at the movies to
Answered Sep 03, 2013
It was 90 outside haha!
Well yeah I would have loved it but but if she really likes you and you really likes her she'll know you were probably really nervous and you are a boy :) and next time bring a jacket and give it to her in a romantic way!
Answered Sep 09, 2013

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