Why have my periods started getting shorter, lighter and closer together?

Hi, im 14 and have been having my periods for just under a year. At first they started normal ranging between 5-7 days but these last few months they have been shorter and lighter then my previous 2 periods have been 7 and 10 days early however, I have been under a lot of anxiety and stress recently does this have anything to do with it ? and is it normal for them to start fine and go irregular ? also ive been having bad period craps like 10 days after period could this be ovulation ? please help.
Maddy x
Asked Sep 01, 2013
Edited Sep 01, 2013
It's nothing to worry about it is normal for the first couple of years of having your periods for them to vary from light to heavy and regualarity and how long they last period pain also varies throughout the months it's nothing to worry about if it continues for another year or more then maybe go to see a doctor but for now i'm sure your fine :)
From J age 17 x
Answered Sep 01, 2013
Thanks so much that was helpful xx

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