If I a get a job if I become a female?

Hello every one please answer immediately.I am 18 male studying B.tech(civil engineering).In future(when I get settled) I want to undergo sex reassignment surgery and get transformed into a female as I want to be like that since my child hood.Please tell me If I get a job if I do that thing after my transition?
Asked Aug 27, 2013
yes you should, unless your employer is anti-sex change. If you are hired before your op and want to keep the same job afterwards then there shouldn't be a problem because you are still you, you have the same capabilities whatever you look like on the outside. But if you want to look for a job after your change then that should still be fine because some employers might not even need to be informed of this because it doesn't make a difference to anyone except people who go out of their way to have a problem with it. Just go about everything you did before in the same manner and you will be fine.
Answered Aug 28, 2013
thanks for the answer and is the thing same in India also

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