2004 lincoln ls ETC enigine failsafe mode

okay so while im driving my lincoln ls is gives a warning "ETC enginge fail safe mode" we got the diagnostics check and all four codes which are p2104 p2106 p2111 and p2135 relate to the throttle body, its stuck open or closed or its shorted etc. but everywhere I look and everyone has told me that they have had the same problem and that its not the throttle body that in fact it is the COP coils and I just got done looking at the throttle body but im not the best with this stuff but it looked fine to me, I really need help as this is my only vehicle and I dont want to pay the mechanics around my area 900 dollars.
Asked Aug 26, 2013
What problem does the light cause? If you're sure there's nothing wrong that will damage the car, essentially the bulb is telling you to make a $900 donation to your local mechanic to turn off the light. It would make more sense to remove the light bulb. :-)
Answered Aug 27, 2013
wow!!!! its not a light bulb lol
If it's not a bulb, put a piece of tape the same color as the background over it. If it's black, electrical tape works good. I drive a '95 Jeep Wrangler that has a red light that's been on for ten years and she still gets me where I want to go and brings me back home. :-)
Rob Aug 27, 2013
well id rather fix the problem than if something serious does happen it wont be covered in tape and it will be able to tell me
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Answered Feb 22, 2016

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