I'm 16 and am I pregnant?!

I'm 16 and I've had unprotected sex (Yes I'm a moron). I haven't had my last period since August. I usually would have my period during the teens of each month, but it's already the 26. I used to wear a birth controll patch but it made me have my period every week so I took it off and haven't used it since August. I don't know if I'm pregnant or if my period is starting to be crazy. HELP ME!!!
Asked Aug 26, 2013
Wait for a week and take a test.
And if you're thinking, "but I don't want my parents to know", then
Think of what's more important, staying out of trouble, or knowing if you're pregnant? Cause I think it's pretty obvious
Answered Aug 27, 2013
I think that you might be
Answered Nov 06, 2014

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