Im always alone.theres nothing I can do really.

im always im in my 30's, beautiful nice sweet friendly outgoing...I like people and like socializing but the problem is-- people just don't like me. they are really jealous of me and hate me for that reason. its a problem for me because I cant make friends, women hate me, and men are just trying to use me. in fact everyone is just trying to use me, and people sense im alone or if they know then they abuse me for being alone and try to use me and mistreat me.

Sometimes I end up taking it out of fear they will leave and when I finally stand up for myself, then they leave abruptly and never talk to me again. its very difficult and weird for me b/c im so nice kind positive and everyone I meet seems to be some kind of mean jerk or psychopath. everyone is picky rude weird mean cruel or using me. ive tried joining groups to meet people, doing this that..nothing works! I cant meet the right people and end up meeting the creeps or jerks or people just get hostile or mean towards me. also despite being beautiful men hate me too and just want to use/abuse me nothing else. if men can't use me they bail. my life is if people can't abuse me they wont be in my presence...however I am the nicest person and its all sickening and makes no sense. EVERYONE is extremely abusive to me...everyone and its so hard to deal with. I am also very pretty and everyone judges me but they can be fat/ugly/weird and no one cares but THEYRE The ones judging me. everyone I know has been married or dated but I cant find a guy at all and everyone is scared or me b/c im beautiful or tries to use me.
Asked Aug 24, 2013
ur never alone FFS U ONLY GONNA LIVE ONCE might as well do good bad anything! cmon if you need to do something, do it! need to loose weight? DO IT.......wanna get good grades? DO IT! YOLO.......;D
anon99 Aug 25, 2013
Well the thing I found out is that it's better to be a little more patient than normal and not jump on the first person who you think is "cute" or "hot." That just leads to you finding out who they really are the hard way, and chances are, they're not who you want to be with. There has to be a deeper connection between BOTH of you that makes you want to spend a LOT of time with that person, given who they are. Not so much what they look like. Also, on a side note, having the attitude that you are beautiful and that you deserve the best usually attracts the scummier end of guys who just want to get laid..I've seen it enough times before to know what I'm talking about here.
Answered Aug 24, 2013
Assuming you want an honest answer, most people like spending time with someone who is upbeat, cheerful and positive. When they get around someone who sees everything in a negative light, they run because negativity is as catching as the common cold.

Try to pretend your question was written by someone else and ask yourself if you would rather listen to a few hours of that self centered, woe-is-me or spend the time with someone that makes you feel warm and happy?
Answered Aug 25, 2013

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