I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, got my period next day, could I be pregnant?

Had unprotected sex with boyfriend first and last time not using a condom, he said he pulled out but it still makes me nervous, that night I got my period. It was the heaviest and longest period I've ever had. I hardly ever get cramps after the first day but I cramped the whole time. I've read forums that say its impossible for me to be pregnant but I can't help to think that nothing is impossible. Help me? Please.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 22, 2013
No, don't worry, if you have you're period there's nothing to be afraid of ! But watch out though with unprotected sex it doesn't always happen to people around us :) just sayin !

Answered Aug 25, 2013
Probably not... but if you're having unprotected sex, assume you're trying to get pregnant on purpose. If that's not what you want, make safer choices and don't be unprepared. Pulling out is so not reliable.
Answered Aug 25, 2013

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