Puberty 101: I'm confused and scared!

I'm twelve.
I'm a girl.
My pubic hair started to grow super long (4-5 inches)
I was too scared to shave so I've been trimming for about 2 months,
doing it once a week.
I masturbate a lot.
I know what a clitoris is and all that.
I really have vaginal discharge a lot
I live with people, so it would be super akward if I started touching that area trying to stop it,
So I use my foot.
I have a strange period,
It comes about once a month
But lasts about one week
At first it starts with cramps, then discharge, then, at the end,
I get the worst headache ever, but it hurts worse when I lay down.
I recently got my first boyfriend, I guy I was crushing in for years.
But then he turned into a major asshole.
I dumped his sorry ass
He says baby I want you back
I fucking hate him
Obviously I'm not the typical twelve year old.
Also, last year, I got accidentally pregnant
And had a miscarriage about 2 months later
I also suffer from anorexia depression and OCD
Please tell me if you think my puberty stuff is normal,
What I should do about my ex,
And my diseases.
Thank you :)
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Anonymous User
Asked Aug 21, 2013
Edited Aug 21, 2013
About your pubic hair, that's totally normal.
Your period sounds normal too. Every girl's period is different, some girls have it really bad. Like you said about the cramping and headaches that is unfortunately normal. Every girl gets it. If you want your periods to be easier take stuff like Advil and birth control. Ask your doctor about other medications too.
As for using you foot, I know how you feel!!! :D I always have to itch and its soooo embarrassing if someone sees me doing it!!!!
About your boyfriend, just avoid him, nobody likes a jerk!! Eventually he'll realize you aren't into him anymore and he'll get over you.
Hope I helped! :D
Answered Aug 22, 2013
i agree all the period and hair things are completely normal happens to nearly everyone, the vaginal discharge could be an infection so maybe keep on eye on that, maybe Google vaginal infections and see if any of them sound like you..i could be wrong it could be normal too, yeah he doesnt sound worth your time :) just focus on yourself and building your conidence, i'm 16 and still have confidence issues its pretty normal for us girls we go through a lot keep your head up :D you're doing great! Us girls gotta stick together on things like this..dont know if I helped but sure I gave it a go hehe:)
YUP totally agree with these two, and dont take him back, if he persists on pissing you off, then pat his shoulder, smile and sack him. then quietly walk away.
Good luck, and keep doing what your doing...(masturbation is normal, anyone who tells you other wise is lying) 15 les :)
Im only 11 and my mums dead so im with my dad but im starting puborty and eveything but its hard to talk about this to my dad!!! HELP ME OUT GIRLS!!!! :(
Answered Nov 16, 2014

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