How do I deal with the relationship I want?

Ok so I dated this guy this summer, but then we broke up. Then after we dated my friend started dating him. Well yesterday she broke up with him because he told her he still had feelings for me. He has said he loved me while they were dating and now my friend hates me. I want to date him again, but he just gets REALLY attached on the relationship! And if I date him again, all my friends are going to be mad at me because I told him I was done with the relationship! And if I date him secretly I'm going to feel like a terrible person! WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
Asked Aug 21, 2013
Edited Aug 21, 2013
do me a favour and i'm saying that because I can feel your pain.
leave her! she is not good for you. ignore her.
you are diamond for many other girls that will appriciate you as you are.
you don't need that and the sooner you realize the better.
she is a player.
the min you will do that, she will understand what she lost.
you can only benifit with your move.
Answered Aug 21, 2013

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