Am I his next girlfriend?

well,i am a dancer & I like someone but we never talk !
but I think he is trying to get to know me in indirect way!
i am an english girl and he is a french guy!
lately I found him tweeting alot of the english things , inking a new tattoo on his arms which says 'dancing' , traveling to the usa ALOT and buying a house beside my house even though he is from france!
am I his next girlfriend? :D
Asked Aug 21, 2013
Looks that way. But it seems a little strange that he would do all that before you guys were dating. Unless, he's just loaded and can do what he wants.

There's a lot of info missing, so it's hard to answer the question. How long have you known him? How did you meet? You never talk but he's doing all those things?

Maybe he's shy? Maybe he's trying to impress you. If he is, you shouldn't fall for it. Get to know him before you decide anything. Does he have a lot of money and no brains? How are his values? Is he caring? Does he have empathy? Is he greedy? Does he have anger issues?

Find out all those things and if he is a good guy with no criminal record, I give you permission to date him.
Answered Aug 21, 2013

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