Why is a man considered gay if he wears patent leather shoes?

Whether it's clogs, boots, etc common everyday type shoes he's considered or looked at as gay. I'm on a Dr. Martens hunt right now and I have one check left from my Summer job at school and I'm expected to earn roughly about $247. I just bought some 19140s and 1914s. The 40s were kinda tight but I'm trying to stretch them out with an old Comcast remote layered with 14+ pairs of socks with it jammed on the inside of the boot. Now, the patent leather boots I'm talking bout go 1-2.5 inches past my ankle. I have black patent clogs but wear them on some rainy days with some jeans. I tell my mom and all I get is a "Go ahead, it's your choice if you want to go around looking like a fruit cake". I live in the hood where you could possibly but rarely get jumped for looking too weird. I wear my 1940 and 14s with skinny jeans tucked in since they cover my mid-calf but 1460 DMs only cover your ankles so, I don't see a problem and I'm buy 1461s to be my school shoes this year. I'm 17 and a senior in high school by the way. Dudes in my school would dye laughing, some girls would treat me as if I was one of them and some would look in shock and laugh. I go to a school in the hood. But I don't know why patent leather shoes, or boots are gay when it comes to men from another mans point of view. I mean I think shiny shoes are awesome. But I think they look bad azz with camo pants/jeans. I'm aiming for a Combat or Solider look. Not homo or female. Soldier! I want to look like a soldier but in school uniform at the same time! But I don't understand why patent leather on men is gay. Please explain.
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Asked Aug 20, 2013
That's a silly belief. "Gay" is a slang word for homosexuality. Patent Leather is a material used to make shoes, belts etc. There is no connection between the two.
Answered Aug 20, 2013
Because people use the word "gay" in a context using weird or stupid but gay doesn't mean that
Yet people use it as a spiteful word that has nothing to do with the real meaning
Gay isn't weird or stupid it's only human but people still use it in that context
So they're are saying the shoes are stupid or weird...
Answered Aug 20, 2013
Lol that is funny but no that does not make anyone gay. Its a silly belief as there is no connection.
Answered Dec 23, 2015

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