I think this girl likes me I'm a girl

So there's this girl who I think likes me, and she's like the prettiest girl in our school, no lie. And she always seems to try to touch me or interact with me and whenever I see here she smiles or does something cute, whenever I bump into her she gives off a nervous laugh almost. I remember in track we were picking up starting blocks to put them back into storage and I was carrying one and she was carrying two, so I just thought, "hey, might as well right?" And I picked up the one in her hand and I saw her blush. So what do ya think? And I'm a girl
Asked Aug 17, 2013
She may just be nice
Answered Aug 17, 2013
sounds like she likes you , you should ask her
Answered Sep 27, 2013
Weird.. you wouldn't happen to be in wyoming would you?
Answered Sep 27, 2013
Actually I live in Michigan! Haha similar situation?
I think she likes you, considering she blushed when you touched her
Answered Jan 22, 2014

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