Help I ate a live snake.

so I have a small problem. Today while gardening I came across a garter snake, It was black with a yellow stripe, and about a foot long. I barely had anything to eat all day and was very hungry. From watching survivor man, I concluded that the snake was fit to eat, so I swallowed it whole. I was wrong. Immediately after swallowing this small snake, it began wriggling in my stomach; making me very nauseous. It ceased wriggling after about 10 minutes, but I now feel this may have been a bad idea. I am worried about the possible harm that may occur. Are there diseases/parasites I should be worried about? I am 74 years old, and in my frail state, I am concerned about my health. Any input would be appreciated
Asked Aug 17, 2013
Edited Aug 17, 2013
Go to the doctor immediatley!
Your stomach will not digest it and it will be difficult to remove the sanke from your stomach. Make sure that you get medical attention right away!
Hope you feel better!
Answered Aug 17, 2013
The snake could have ate a mouse and mice have all sorts of gross diseases. You need to go to the doctor and maybe have surgery to get it out.
Answered Dec 27, 2013

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