Am a straight girl that had lesbian sex sober?

Well was in a house party and well this girl was their I don't know her but as this party was other side of town none of my friends do aswell anyway we got in their an we was having a good time and I noticed this girl was watching me but kept her distance and then my friends went of with some guys then that's when the girl come over to me she's very pretty and we was talking for hours and I didn't know she was into girls at this time and all thru the night she very touchy feely and then it starts to get very late so we head out my mates are nowhere to be seen so she offers me to stop at hers for the night as I live at the other side of town when we get back to hers it's all fine she a brill girl then out of nowhere she kisses me and I had no time to react but for some reason I don't pull away and just went with it then it got more heated and she started to take my clothes of that's when I said am into guys and she said its fine baby we all try it and she was just so nice about it and seconds later she continues and then I also went with it and then stayed with her for the night and it just felt right and she kept her arm around me all night then in the morning I had to get going so he took my number and she even txtin me all day saying she enjoyed last night and wants to go out for a meal and drinks maybe
What does this mean am I into girls or just curious
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Asked Aug 16, 2013
Edited Aug 16, 2013
You could be just curious you could try exploring these feelings see if romance comes along then attraction if so you could be a lesbian.

If you like men and are attracted to them romantically and sexually then you could be straight.

If you figure out that you like and experience romance and sexual attraction towards females (and like guys to) you'd be bi
Answered Aug 16, 2013
I think your just curious. Because if you were into girls you wouldn't be confused. Do you have feelings for her?
Answered Oct 09, 2013
If you like her romantically or sexually then your bi, but for now I think you're just bi-curios. You like guys and are attracted to them but you are trying it with this girl. I suggest you get to know her. Then you will know that if it will work out you would be bi, if not then you would be bi-curious or still straight.
Answered Apr 10, 2014
Edited Apr 10, 2014
Not funny^
Answered Jul 29, 2014
EHEHEHEHEHE your a lesbian
Answered Apr 10, 2014

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