Dating a 37 year old and im 13 (almost)

well, So I've been dating the most amazing guy in my eyes for 2 months now and we have never been caught. I love him a lot and I know he loves me and I know that he isn't just using me. But I've been wanting to know some ways how I could keep this a secret better with out getting caught, And there has been some sexual moments to in our relation ship. I honestly think this relation ship can really work.
Asked Aug 16, 2013
Edited Aug 16, 2013
I went thru the exact same thing except the guy I was seeing was 36 & I was 13..23 year age gonna tell you right now that I really did love him..we were in a relationship for two YEARS from the time I was 13-15, we had sex& I cannot express enough how this relationship has affected my life!after I started dating him I lost 40lbs in 1.5monthss because I wouldn't eat, I hated the world and had so many behavioral problems.. And still today I am so messed up. I don't love him anymore, but I can't deal with it because everyone tells me he abused me but I didn't see it like that, I saw it as a loving 18 now and I still haven't been able to figure my relationship with this man out. It haunts me even in therapy and I still cannot deal! Please listen to me and DONT DO IT because I know first hand how bad your head will be when u break it off with him.
kmh95 Dec 20, 2013
This is gross I'm not a rude or judgmental person (well maybe I am) but that man is WAY older then you if it's love tell him to wait till your 18 and sexually you could get pregnant I know your in love but any guy who is okay with dating someone your age is just vile nasty and sick you could be his child. Don't hide this from your parents break it off while you still can. Find a guy your own age or wait till your 18. If your parents or anyone finds out he will go to jail and get out labeled as a sexual predator pedophile or something of the sorts. Wait till your 18 please.
Answered Aug 16, 2013
Sorry kid but this is messed you still a kid and he a fully grown man it's so messed up am sure you dads around the same age it's just wrong on so many levels and him he should be report for this he prob grooming you if your really wanting to be in a relationship be with someone your own age think its a good idea no one knows about this just wrong sorry and yeah I can see why you love him going to be your first love at this young age but just wait. You shouldn't be thinking bout love and all this you should just be a kid and enjoy and then enjoy love and all this when your older :/
Answered Aug 16, 2013
come on hunny my dad is that old (we he is my step dad). That is a bit gross dont u think. I someon does find out if will get put into jail for 12 years. my ex went out with for 3 months,he is 18 and I am 15 and he has been changed as a rapesed even tho we did nothing. so if I was u hunnie I would be very very careful.
Answered Aug 17, 2013
Don't do it, it's dangerous. When you're kissing, his false teeth could get tangled up with the rubber bands on your braces and one of you might choke to death. :-)
Answered Aug 17, 2013
Edited Aug 17, 2013
Hahahahahahaha nice one Rob.
If only I had enough reputation to give thumbs up.. rob is entirely right.
If it is true love then wait till you are 18 or 21. If he loves you than he will wait too. Don't get me wrong love is not based on age. Its not okay for him to have sex with you already its only been two months. This is rape. Stop going out with him if thats to hard to do then just be friends. Tell your parents about it if you feel uncomfortable at any time in your relationship. This is dangerous and risky keep in mind of the consequences. Sexual things is not a good idea. You are only 13 last year you were a child. Be a child and concentrate on your education/school and hang out with girls your own age. Watch the movie Trust on YouTube I would say ask your parents first before whatching the movie but you have already down sexual things so, yea.
Answered Aug 17, 2013
You might want to breakup with him. If your family found out then he could go to jail. Its not a good idea. If you truly loved him then you would breakup with him. It might seem like it will work out but I'm the same age and I had a phase in my life like that and I almost got someone arrested. But i'm over it. He is way older than you It would be the same if he were 20 or 18.
Answered Aug 19, 2013
Edited Aug 19, 2013
How far have gone with him?
Answered Aug 26, 2013
honey you need to be carful he could just be using you for sex I had a 36 year old man sweet talk me till I realised he is a pedophile even though it should not seriously be that bad cause im 17 but still ur parents/grandparents/legal guardian
would be extremely pissed off and if you do have sex with him*dont just stick to being a virgin*then use a condom okay
Answered Sep 27, 2013
Ok that is wrong you can go to jail for that dump that sicko
Answered Sep 27, 2013
What do a 37 year old and a 12 year old have in common? Not a damn thing. That's not right sweetheart. It's gross.
Answered Sep 27, 2013
-_- dis is very sad. Of the devil. He is of the devil.
Answered Sep 27, 2013
he's a pedo! RUN!!!
Answered Sep 27, 2013
Darling I know you are hearing this from so many people but it really is wrong. Sweetie at your age I dated an 18 year old, but a 37 year old it too old for you. He will go to jail if anyone finds out and he probably is as old as your parents. I asked my 18 year old boyfriend to wait and he did so we are going to marry soon (note that I am now 18 he is 22) but sweetie he will be about 50 when your 20. I'm sorry I don't want you to be sad but it really is wrong. Enjoy your youth sweetheart.
Answered Sep 27, 2013
He's using you, trust me. I'm really sorry you're getting all the same answers, but he is. He probably has a wife, and it's better just to break it off. You'll get over it, trust me.
Answered Sep 28, 2013
He is a pedophile. Tell the police. Now.
Answered Oct 01, 2013
that is fucking retarded
Answered Oct 29, 2013
I'm not gonna be mean or judgemental about this but ppl fall in love without even knowing it n its Ok but you can never know what a person can be hiding. Sometimes u think u know someone but u really don't. I understand ur situation but hun I think that was a big mistake but once your okay just remember to live learn laugh n love n enjoy the youth :)
Answered Feb 19, 2014
this is illegal, a 37 year old man should not be dating an almost 13 year old. get out of that ''relationship''
Answered Feb 20, 2014
Just keep doing what you're doing seems to be working, but also don't tell anyone about what you two are up to, don't keep notes, don't text or call each other on your cellphones or keep pictures don't write or keep poems in anything( computer, phone, diary, notebooks etc.. only keep them in your mind because as of yet nobody can get to them in there.
It's hard to sneak around and have a secret relationship with the world full of people around all the time especially one's who are always looking to get into other peoples business, but it is not impossible to pull it off, if you haven't left any clues laying around for anyone to see or find and if no one see's you holding each other or holding hands, smooching, or having sex, or if you play it safe by not getting pregnant or some STI then you most likely will not get caught, just don't let anyone you know see you together, disguise yourself in some way if you have to..
Answered Aug 10, 2015
I don't think you should be dating anyone that is more then a decade older then you.
Answered Aug 10, 2015
this makes me sick just thinking about it. why are you dating a 37 year old? why are you even dating?! your 12! this is really disturbing. he could get put in jail for this. this is REALLY risky! you have some serious problems, no offense

Answered Aug 17, 2015
It sounds more like you're the one who has some serious problems being that it makes you sick, and disturbed... well if you're in distress over a 13 year old dating a 37 year old you might wanna think about some counseling/therapy to find out and help you with your problem... good lucky hope you get better!

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