Can a insurance company send you a check and then cancel it

i got hit by a car on the side of my truck, her insurance sent me a check. so I got rid of the truck and was gonna buy a car with that money, then they called and said that the check was an error and we cant cash the check cause they cancelled it. can they do this?
Asked Aug 15, 2013
Yes I BELEIVE so as long as u get ur money
Answered Aug 15, 2013
Edited Aug 15, 2013
Try to deposit the check but don't write checks against the money. If it doesn't clear, keep the check in case it goes to court. It might be useful as an admission they owed the money.
Answered Aug 15, 2013
Yes, they can do that. Always better to put the check in the bank before they make any changes. However if you feel like changing the car insurance company then I would recommend you to go for one which has faster claim settlement, easy transfer of NCB and good amount of cashless claim service centers.

Answered Nov 28, 2013

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