How can I get youtube or facebook in a school laptop using home wifi?

i have logged in my tafe account at school and I have left youtube and facebook opened in two individual tabs , and then I have hibernated after coming to home and using my home wifi it doesnt work it shows those sites are blocked
but the thing is ,sometimes when it shows that the laptop needs to update and it needs to restart to update ,after I have done it it doesnt work anymore I mean it doesnt unblock the sites at home but before that it use to unblock when I use to looged in tafe acc at school and put on youtube tab and facebook tab opend and hibernated it but now after doing that restarting thing it doesnt work anymore ..:P..;..(...plz help me :/
Asked Aug 15, 2013
Best I can think of is to use the torch browser (it's a chromium browser) that comes with a site unblocker built in. Try accessing the sites with that and it should work.
Answered Aug 18, 2013
torch is blocked but my dad is a tech and he found some thing on the computer with out using internet you can unblock every thing and I mean every thing
Answered Aug 18, 2013
yea torch is blocked :P btw what is that can you plz tell? plz?
do you have a teachers password because you will need it and it is in the controll planel
no I don have one :P
do I really need a teacher's password to get in to it btw I have a tafe password
bt the thing is how can I make it work in home wifi after logged in the tafe at school?
plz help?..:.../
there no way I have one too a matter of fact im using it to answer you right now im sorry but thats how it is dont matter how much they say yes its no because even though your my dad, mom, aunt, uncle, nenen or who ever deals with tech remember tech teacher too and they problerly knew that and took extra precautions sorry to burst your bubble but still keep trying ,try your best who knows I might be perfectly wrong becuz there is a 60% chance hope you get through and prove me wrong
Answered Oct 11, 2013
You will probably get in trouble if you do this and also probably caught if you are aloud to bring your phone to school and if its a smartphone you should be able to tether or better said convert data signals into a wifi signal but if the computers don't have wifi or you are even blocked out of connecting to a network you are out of luck.
Answered Oct 12, 2013
i dont know I was wondering the same thing
Answered Dec 07, 2013
Edited Dec 07, 2013
Try shortening the url.
Answered Dec 15, 2013
The same thing happened to me,i was using facebook and youtube at school and after that I just hilbernated the laptop hoping that I would access them at home but the worst happened,when I reach at home,turn the power on,it says "BLOCKED WEBSITES",so I try to restart the computer,the most funny thing that happened was that I couldn't log in anymore,unless I went to our school technician who is responsible for fixing our school laptops,i lied to him that I forgot my login details ,so I told him,he can RESTORE it for me
so he did and everything was working normally
that is the only solution,go and tell your school techincian
Answered Dec 25, 2013
Hello guys, I have a solution to all of your worry, Proxy. Use a proxy, as simple as that. the best one to try at home is the uzbekweb one. Go to this link:
then hit, use psiphon. Then, right below the http bar, you will see a little blue bar. Type ANY link in that bar, and it will open that link for you. Hope this helps :D
Answered Feb 10, 2014

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