Please answer ASAP!

So yesterday I was with my friends at the mall and we stopped( I don't remember why) And I looked up and I saw my crush walking with his mother and little brother. He made eye contact with me and his eyes widened. He didn't come over to hug me or even say hi. I've known him for four weeks and he was never like this. He was never shy and we got along really well, especially on the fourth week (the last week). Please, I do not understand why he did this?? Please I need an answer because I felt really hurt, my insides became ice cold and I wanted to drop down and cry. Please
Asked Aug 14, 2013
Well its probably because he was with his family. Almost every guy is like that. There one way around there parents, and COMPLETLY different around there friends!! Hope I helped!!!
Answered Aug 14, 2013
Like what he said, he likely didn't want his family to see you...
Answered Aug 14, 2013

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