Is it ok to play with boys

Well I'm a girl who love to go outside play with my cousin(which is a boy)
And his friends are boys and I play with them all the time and my great grandmother think we are doing something bad so I have to wait for a girl to come outside but then she will lets me go out with the guys then she said that if my dad saw me playing with boys (which he has like a million times) that I would get in big trouble so what should I do
Asked Aug 14, 2013
Edited Aug 14, 2013
its fine and I can see why your dad is going to be protective
anon99 Sep 02, 2013
Well it's fine to play with boys there a nothing wrong with it. I bet your mom has some guy friends. Just tell him what you do and that a bunch of people have guy friends. If he doesn't understand, tell your mom. If you can't still play with them, just play with your cousin and if you have more guy cousins play with them. If your parents still get mad at you tell them that they are your cousin. Hope this helped!
Answered Aug 14, 2013
I know me and my mom always have guy friends because they don't stab in the back like girls because me and my mom only get along with guy
It perfectly fine
Answered Aug 14, 2013
Tell your grandma that you are not doing anything bad, and that girls are drama and you don't do drama
Answered Aug 07, 2017
One of the things adults do with children or teens is projected what they did as a child to you and claim you do the same. Well, that is not the case every time. Your great grandmother is detailing her childhood issues when she plays with the boys in the community that she did things she was not to be doing. Some people see that a boy or girl are together is sex. That is a lie that has been put in our minds by others.

One of the best ways of having a healthy relationship with your cousin or friends is that your parents know them and their parents. Their parents know you and your parents. This way, everyone is on the same page, which removes any question or assumes that something is going on.

Girls and boys are filled with curiosity and wonders. Girls are as much curious as boys are in the human body and how it works. The male genitals are as much as a mystery to girls as it is to boys. Females' genitals are as much as a mystery to girls as it is for boys. Our cultures brainwash us with each gender's lies, but girls and boys are the same because we are all humans.

Girls to girls or boys to boys or both genders play at each other's homes. It sets a stage of openness and honesty with your parents and their parents. When we learn the same guideline of friendship that it remove anything from going wrong. The children learn about self-space and know they do not step into that self-space without asking first.

Society tells us it the boys who do the terrible things with girls, but that is a lie. Parents need to stop this gender game and teach their daughter how to be with other children. It mostly the girls who push boys into doing things they should not do. Your father needs to see that boys and girls need to protect not just girls. There are good boys and bad boys; there are good girls and bad girls. We develop a relationship with others with the same values, ethics, and morals. Now, would I allow my preteen son to spend a night with another boy whose mother is single and has a man in for the night? The answer is no. One of the rules that my husband and I have with our children is they do not go to homes where there are double-gender rules. You know what that means.

Answered Oct 02, 2020

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